More Details about The 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland

The 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland is located on Aungier Street in the heart of the city. The establishment first opened in 1991 and has been providing a discreet yet luxurious environment for casino table game players ever since. The casino caters largely to local players as it offers a typical Irish experience which is more focused on table games but international visitors are welcomed.

78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It is an upmarket venue therefore has a strict dress code. Serving of alcohol is prohibited within the establishment but complimentary refreshments are served to players at the casinos tables.

Casino Games at The 78 Club Casino

Players looking for slot machines will not find any here as slots are not a major attraction for players in the city but there are plenty of alternative online casinos to find slot games. 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland is a relatively small casino with a variety of different table games of low and high betting limits. The table games available at the casino include the classics such as roulette; blackjack; baccarat and craps while lesser known games like punto banco are also available.

At 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland there is an option for high rollers or players wishing to have a private experience with a high limit game to book an exclusive table. This can be done in advance and is available for one players to play against the dealer or for multiple players.

Private Players Club

Exclusive members of 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland have the opportunity to play the table games through an online portal via a live feed. This is not a computer generated online casino as the live feed is directly from the casino itself. Players interested in this do not need to pay with a credit card with an online payment service as the establishment allows players to cash in and cash out on the premises. Players are given a code to log in with. All the players need is a computer to play from anywhere with.

Online Experience

78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland does not have an online casino attached to its name. Table players who may be looking for the same experience that the casino offers will have to look at alternatives. There are however many online casinos that do offer an exclusive and discreet experience.

Finding the same experience means looking for an online casino that is safe and secure and offers the same variety of table games for both virtual play and play with a live dealer. Playing the virtual table games does have the same authentic feel but the games are played at the players pace and provide good quality features. The live dealer games give the authentic feel and are played with highly experienced dealers and player around the world but they may be slower to play.

Playing online does mean a variety of bonuses and special rewards are offered and there is the convenience of playing at home or even on the go with mobile platforms, for example, tennis betting sites here now offer Australian bettors the same convenience.

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