Barkin Mad Online Slot in Detail for Players

The Barkin Mad slot game, created by Barcrest Software, is known for its somewhat bizarre, but highly entertaining theme. The theme of the game is based around a high profile dog show, presented in a cartoon-ish art style. The contenders of the dog show are a collection of extremely unusual canines, ranging fro the prissy to the extremely ferocious. All in all the result is a game that may get a few laughs out of players, and at the very least will certainly get a few smiles.

In terms of graphics the Barkin Mad slot game does its job well. Each dog, a stark parody of a real dog breed, has clearly been created with a great deal of love and attention to detail. A distinct character is evident in each of the pooches, and that this is done in a single frame is a remarkable achievement by the developers. Barcrest Software can be commended for creating a rich, lively world in the confines of a slot game. But let’s take a closer look at the Barkin Mad slot games play system, since slot games are about more then just graphics alone.

Game Play Systems

The Barkin Mad slot game uses a 5 reel, 10 betting line system. Like in various casino pokies at, the betting lines and bet amount are manually adjustable, which can be done via the interface at the bottom of the play area. This is already a promising start, but the game offers even more. A button labelled Hi Roller can be found beside the spin button, which activates a mode that greatly increases winning potential and payouts. Use the button with caution, however, as activating it will also increase the bet amount.

The play symbols of the game are where the interesting dog characters can be found in the Barkin Mad online slots game. The most valuable is a rather annoyed looking bulldog, who may be winning the dog show simply because the judges are afraid of him. He pays out the largest standard win when matched the maximum of 5 times. The other dogs, a beagle and a daschund are worth slightly less, but that doesn’t stop them from being adorable. Now let’s have a look at the bonus symbols.

Dog Show Bonuses

A game based around a dog show is certain to offer some kind of actual dog show, and the Barking Mad slot game delivers on this expectation. If matching the Barkin Mad symbol, a mini game will be triggered. Notice the cute animation of a dog’s head bursting through the symbol upon a match occurring. During the mini-game a new screen will open, showing the dogs positioned on a winning podium. The player at the nline casino will be granted 10 free spins, which will occur automatically. If enough winning money is accumulated a jackpot will be granted, which will also result in a dog being chosen as a winner.

The second bonus symbol is the wild symbol. It is recognisable by the written word wild, and will animate two dogs fighting upon being matched. The wild symbol will match with any other symbol, except the Barkin Mad symbol, to create a winning sequence.