Playtech’s All American Online Video Poker in Detail

All American is a video poker game developed for online casinos by Playtech. Playtech is an online casino software company based in the Isle of Man, and this developer has created a wide range of online casino games and more. As well as casino games like All American, Playtech has developed an extensive collection of slots, betting platforms and other gaming products, all for players at online casinos across the world.

Among their many achievements, Playtech is credited with developing the first worldwide bingo network for online players, as well as some of the first live casino game software. The company has also created various poker networks, sports betting live TV platforms, and a number of other online gaming products.

Fundamentals and Design of All American

All American is available for all online players at Playtech powered casinos. Players play All American against their dealer by using a standard deck of 52 playing cards to create the best possible poker hand. All American does not contain progressive jackpots, and the deck used has Jokers removed.

Image of Playtech

To perpetuate the theme of this game, Playtech have incorporated various American symbols into its design. The controls and pay table of the game are designed in red, white and blue, and the All American icons of eagles, the Statue of Liberty, and the USA form the game’s backdrop.

Playing All American Video Poker Online

Like trying out the best pokies, players must place a bet to begin a game of All American. This game offers adjustable bet limits that begin at 0.10 per game. Once the player has wagered, the virtual dealer will deal them 5 playing cards in their first hand.

In All American, the player’s objective is to build the strongest classic poker hand possible, according to the All American payout chart. Remaining cards will be discarded and replaced with new ones from the deck.

All American Winning Card Hands

Playtech’s All American is based on rules that are similar to those of Jacks or Better. A difference comes in when looking at how players are paid out for winning hands. In this game, players will receive high, low or standard payouts for certain hands. As always, winning card combinations include a 2 Pair, 3 of a Kind, Flush, Straight, Full House, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

All American contains a maximum jackpot of 4,000 coins, which can be won by beating the dealer and revealing a higher paying hand. According to this game’s rules, Jacks or Better, a Royal Flush, and a 3 of a kind will award a standard poker payout. A Full House and a 2 Pair will award a lower payout. However, holding a Straight, Straight Flush, or Flush will award a higher payout.

Double or Nothing Gamble Feature

In All American online players can still use basic poker strategy to improve their winning odds. However, the strategy used in All American is different to that of other video poker games, as the higher, lower and standard paying hands differ.

A Gamble feature has also been included in All American video poker. This allows online players to wager their most recent win, with a chance to double its value or lose their bets.

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