Roulette Strategies For Better Winning Odds

People play roulette for a number of different reasons, from something as simple as trying to win money to just being bored of other casino games. But for most others, it’s the challenge of roulette that keeps them coming back time after time.

Unlike slots, roulette is a game that’s never quite the same; each round offers something new and exciting, and the thrill of winning a long and complicated wager is a feeling that few other casino games can boast. For those that want to try and improve their odds in roulette, these are the strategies that the pros always turn to.

The Martingale System

Arguably the most well known and most-utilised roulette strategy in the industry, the Martingale system is one that countless pros swear by, and it’s one that can quickly make a player a lot of money or leave them bankrupt by the end of the day. The idea behind this strategy is to double the bet every time there is a loss, and if/when a win does occur, the player can cover all of their previous losses while also making a tidy but often small profit. It’s a strategy that’s best used by those that have a large bankroll to start with, although it can still become extremely costly in a short amount of time if enough losses take place.

The Reverse Martingale

As the name implies, this is a strategy that uses the same premise as the previous entry, although here the player instead raises their wager every time they win a round while lowering it during a loss. This may far more appealing to players with small amounts of cash to start with, where they can reduce their losses to an absolute minimum while making the most out of the wins that they land. When making use of this strategy, it’s recommended to find a table that has a very high maximum bet and a smaller minimum.

The D’Alembert Strategy

Another variation of the Martingale, here the player doesn’t go to the extreme of doubling their wager, but rather just increasing or decreasing it by one depending on whether they win or lose. While the payouts tend to be much lower, it’s also a much safer way to play, reducing the amount of cash that can be lost.

The Fibonacci Strategy

Another very popular roulette strategy that’s often used by the pros, the Fibonacci strategy takes its name from the famous Italian mathematician who wrote extensively about a specific string of numbers sometime in the 13th century. It describes the sum of a number that increases according to the two numbers that preceded it, and it’s this sequence that’s often used in roulette. Here, a player may put money down on two bets, and then wagering an amount that’s equal to the sum of those two bets. This usually means that the player will gain a small profit over time, even if they ultimately lost more rounds than they won.