The NBA Finals Betting Guide for Online Sports Punters

The NBA, or National Basketball Association, in the United States, is a league of teams comprised of players from both the Eastern and Western sides of America. The NBA Finals is a series of games right at the end of the season to determine who will reign victorious over the whole season and walk away with the coveted Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

Betting on the NBA Finals

Placing bets on one of the games in the NBA Finals is a favourite event for many people around the world. To make your wager profitable however, there are certain things that you should take into consideration. Not all NBA Finals tipsters have the right idea and have profitable tips. Make sure that if you do take the advice of a bookie or a website that they have done their research. Do your research too. Check out the history of the site and how successful they have been in the past.

Know Your League

When the NBA Finals roll around, it is a good idea to have a good knowledge of the teams that are competing. For example, it is a well known fact that the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers are the modern super giants of the NBA. It is a good bet that they should win most of their games against smaller teams. Of course, there are many factors that play a part in who will actually win a match. The star player may be injured, a team may have not travelled well or any other number of factors.

NBA Spread Betting

Also known as handicap betting, spread betting is the most popular form of NBA betting. A spread is a way that bookies attract betting on both teams. It is a way to make the teams more equal on paper so that the outcome of the game isn’t immediately predictable. In most online betting games you will have a favourite and an underdog. The bookies could add a three point spread to the game. This means that the favourite has to win by three points for the win to count. The spread or handicap is shown next to each tea with a plus or a minus sign.

Over Under Bets

An Over Under bet on the NBA Finals is placed on individual games. A bookie will make a prediction of both teams final scores, and add them together. You then have to guess whether the final score will be above or below what the bookie predicted. This is not a very high paying wager as you have fifty percent chance of getting it right.

Games can be Inconsistent

It is important when placing a bet on the NBA Finals at to remember that initial games can be, and often are very inconsistent. When you have teams which are led by world class coaches and jam packed full of top class players, there will always be a certain amount of settling before the finals begin. This can make placing a bet on a game quite difficult. Thinking like a coach can help with this. Try to predict what the coach will do if he is in charge of either the winning or the losing team.