A Relevant Guide to Playing Scratch Cards Online

Scratch cards are common in countries that also have lotteries. They’re games of pure chance, as every batch of cards will have a predetermined number of winners. Payouts are based on matching numbers and symbols, and the player’s only input is scratching off the coating to reveal the symbols, hoping for a match.

Their main attraction is that they are fast, simple and inexpensive, with big wins for the lucky few. Online and mobile betting enthusiasts can enjoy them too: online scratch cards are also fast, simple and cheap. They can cost as little as $0.05, although those offering massive prizes in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, could cost $10 or $20 each.

Getting Started

You can register, load a bankroll into your account and get started in minutes. Be sure to check first that online scratch cards are legal in your home territory, though, and that you’re playing at a regulated site. Unlicensed scratch card operators leave you with no legal recourse if you are defrauded of your winnings, so they are best avoided.

Where online scratch cards have a huge advantage over their physical counterparts, is in the sheer variety of games available; some sites have hundreds to choose from. You can quickly switch between different games, always finding something new and interesting.

Fun with Interactive Features

Excellent graphics and digital animations make online scratch cards much more interactive, which is what makes them entertaining. In some games, players must rub a mousepad or touchscreen to scratch off a coating, just like revealing a real scratch card.

Others require the player to click on the games in turn, to reveal the symbols and check matches. Some mimic classic games like Monopoly or Bingo. Many borrow the interactive bonus features from popular slots games. Occasionally, they will present the player with a choice, with the prize hidden behind one of a group of symbols; the player gets one shot at picking the correct one.

Tips on Rewarding Play

Although the interactive features are amusing to play and watch, bear in mind that they are window-dressing. Online scratch cards are fixed-odds games, so the player’s actions have no effect on the outcome. Only a certain percentage of the cards in each game will be winners, and most of those are low-value wins; the biggest prizes appear very seldom. But each game has different odds.

So, study the various games available, noting the average prizes and the top prizes, and comparing them to the cost of the game. Cheap games with small wins tend to pay out more often, so you can stretch your bankroll by playing, say, $1 cards that offer returns from $1 to $100. If you win some decent prizes on those, you’ll be able to start wagering $10 per card in the hope of scooping the truly impressive wins.

You could also watch some YouTube videos of online scratch card sessions. There are several, and they will give you a better idea of how to play, while introducing you to the many themes and playing formats available.