The Most Popular Baseball Bets in Detail

The only thing that matches the number of Baseball games on the docket every season is the array of wagers you have to choose from, and the long list can be a bit overwhelming. Narrow down your choices with a list of the most popular and get your staking done quickly and easily!

Moneyline Stakes

This is a very popular bet because it’s so easy. All you need to do is pick which team you think will win a game. But to ensure sportsbooks don’t go broke, odds get assigned to each squad based on how likely it is that they come out on top.

Starting with 100, which says both squads are equally capable of winning, each team gets a number. If the New York Yankees are +150 over the Los Angeles Dodgers and they win, for every $100 you bet, you’ll get $150 back. Conversely, if the Boston Red Sox are at -130, if you want to win $100, you’ll need to bet $130.

Parlay Bets

These wagers require that you correctly choose the winner in two or more matches. The Runline for each one is the same as if you were staking on a single game, but each one’s potential winnings get added to the next.

Parlay bets offer you the chance to win big if you are right, but as soon as you’re wrong, the wager is forfeit.

Futures Bets

Futures wagers require you to correctly predict the outcome of an event before it’s scheduled to happen, and the longer ahead of time you do this, the better the returns. Popular Baseball options here include how many games a team will win in the season, whether or not they’ll make the Playoffs, and if they’re going to win the World Series.

Proposition Stakes

When it comes to Baseball, speciality bets can range hugely. They can be taken as questions, so:

  • Will any runs be scored in the first innings?
  • Which player will get the game’s first hit?
  • How many home runs will be made?
  • Who’ll win the batting title?
  • Which Pitcher will get the Cy Young this year?

Runline Wagers

These are stakes made based on the total runs scored in any official nine-inning, or 8.5-inning if the home team wins, or longer game. Oddsmakers study previous outcomes and statistical probabilities and come up with a figure for the combined runs that both squads will score.

What you need to do is choose whether the actual score achieved ends up being higher or lower than the run-total posted. If you guess right, you win!

Series Bets

Pick the winner of a series during a regular Baseball season correctly and you’ll win! This wager enjoys a surge in popularity during the postseason because it’s then that the Playoff and World Series have more meaning.

If you make use of this stake with the right amount of patience and research before you put any money down, you can look forward to some serious rewards if your team comes in.