Beginner Bettor’s Guide To Golf Betting

Golf is among the more popular sports to wager on in the sports betting industry. With famous players, tournaments all year, and set in idyllic locations, there’s little wonder as to why golf betting has become such a favourite among bettors.

For those that are looking into the world of golf betting and all of the exciting wagering options that are on offer from bookies from across the globe. Check out this breakdown of golf betting and how it works. For the most part, taking out a wager in golf is as easy as any other sport, where the bettor would need to find a suitable bookmaker and enquire about the various services they have available. From there, it’s all about choosing from a range of the most appealing and popular bets, as we will cover here.

The Most Popular Types Of Golf Betting

Betting On a Tournament Winner

Professional golf tends to be played out in international tournaments that take place over the course of a year, and these are what most beginners will want to look out when starting their betting journey. Before the beginning of a well-known tournament, bookmakers will release a set of odds on the specific players that will be taking part, including how much it costs to take out a stake, and how much the bettor is potentially able to win. Depending on the length of the tournament in question, a stake may become extremely profitable, especially if it’s based on a longer event, but this also means that the risk may be higher too.

Each Way Betting

Next we have each way betting, where a wager is taken out on either a golfer winning or finishing in a high spot by the end of the event, but at the same time. This can vary depending on the bookmaker, but it usually means putting money on a golfer that will finish within the top five players; and this means that essentially the bet comes in two parts, and it gives the bettor a higher chance of winning in case one part of the bet doesn’t work out as intended. For example, if money is put down on a player participating in an event, and the player does reach the top 5 but doesn’t outright win, then the bettor will receive winnings based on the second part of the bet – which will usually only be a fraction of the overall winnings.

Match Play Bets

Match play betting isn’t that common for most events, but it does remain a popular option for the tournaments that are supported for bookies. It’s similar in some ways to an accumulator wager, one that is taken out to cover an entire season rather than a single match. Here, it’s about which teams and/or players will perform for any given match and event, where it’ll often have teams pitted against one another in a bid to win. Although it’s not common, the rewards for getting a match play bet right can be fairly high.