Introduction To Virtual Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular sports to bet on, and definitely a sport favoured my millions of sports betting enthusiasts all around the world.

Even though there are literally hundreds of thousands of races held annually across the globe, the demand for horse racing action continues to outweigh the supply. Enter virtual horse racing. Thanks to technological advances in digital and virtual “screening”, bookmakers can now provide sports betting enthusiasts with even more horse racing entertainment – in the form of accepting bets on virtual horse races.

How Does It Work?

Since “virtual” suggests events generated by computers, many bettors are left wondering how this fits in with horses racing around a track.

The answer is simple: virtual horse races are simulations of actual horse races, including famous jockeys, horses, a virtual crowd in the stands – the entire works. Races are “screened” around the daytime clock, with each race producing a different but at the same time random outcome (result).

Important to remember is that unlike real-life horse racing events, there’s no real way of predicting a winner based on things such as race conditions, jockeys, track conditions, weather, etc. Not unlike slots, the results are generated by so-called “Random Number Generators”.

What Are The Options?

The range of betting options depends solely on the bookmaker. Markets are typically limited to some or more of the following betting options:

  • The Win Bet. The punter picks the horse they think will emerge the overall winner of the race.
  • The Place Bet. The place bet allows the bettor to pick a horse they expect to secure a “podium” finish, or in other words, anywhere among the top 3 finishers.
  • The Forecast Bet. The bettor will pick two horses and arrange those two horses into a 1st-place finish and a 2nd-place finish.
  • The Tri-Cast Bet. Similar to the forecast bet. Only this time round, a total of 3 horses will be picked to finish 1st, 2nd, and also 3rd – again in specific order.

What About Strategy?

The fact that the results of virtual horse races are determined by a computer program, or Random Number Generator, completely removes the need for a traditional horse racing betting strategy. Instead, the same strategies used for games of chance such as Roulette or Craps are applied by many virtual horse racing bettors. Others yet, simply enjoy participating for the chance to engage with their favourite pastime in a variety of interesting ways.

What Are The Benefits?

Betting on virtual horse racing allows you to interact with the sport – only via a virtual platform. Apart from it being a fun activity and certainly thrilling anytime-anywhere entertainment, it’s also a fantastic way to remain enthusiastic about the even during times when races may be limited or unavailable.

Virtual horse racing is all about enjoying the experience while interacting with a classic sport in a completely new way. It has become a popular pastime indulgence among horse racing afficionados.