Explaining about Online Poker Rooms Rigged or Not

As online poker rooms become more and more popular as a way of making money and having fun, many remain skeptical about certain aspects of the trade. Doubts are almost always linked to the fear that online poker rooms are rigged, and that as a result it is impossible to win any money at all, or at least not particularly large amounts of money. With research into the fields it can be suggested that this rigging is impossible, due to the wide use of a Random Number Generator (RNG), which selects cards and such randomly. However, although this is true for most websites, there are some which are built as a scam, and it is these you should be wary of.

Random Number Generators are an aspect of online poker rooms which many approach in different lights. Despite the idea of their method being to generate a completely random and unrigged result for the player participating in the game, many view RNG’s as impossible to actually operate, due to claims that it is impossible for a computer to generate a truly random sequence from the encoding on the website. This idea of artificial randomness is one of the main problems which skeptics have with online poker rooms, and should be considered in depth in order to assess its validity. However, each website for poker rooms is different like is the case with blackjack and should be approached with copious amounts of research before you utilize it for gaming purposes. As long as this research is conducted then you should feel safe enough to continue gaming.

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Nonetheless, it still remains possible that the website you are using is rigged. Although artificial randomness cannot always be avoided, it does not necessarily mean that the website is rigged; only that it is as random as is possible when generated by a machine. However, websites which are produced with the aim to scam all those who use it, are most definitely rigged and should be avoided at all costs. These types of websites can be recognized by a variety of methods, including a noticeable and repetitive sequence of results occurring, the feeling that you are being encouraged to keep playing through the game not ending for a long while, and too many ‘bad beats’ (the hands which you are dealt). If all of these are occurring, it is advisable to research the website you are using further and then seriously contemplate your decision to continue using this site.

Therefore, it is probable that most online casino rooms are not rigged, as long as RNG’s are being utilized. However, when using the websites you should always conduct some research into the background of the room, and look out for any suspicious reviews. It is also advisable to be aware of these suspicions when using the game and acknowledging that you can leave the site at any time. Although most online poker rooms are not rigged, if you find one that is, leave a review for it online or report the website, in order to help others not make the same mistake as you.

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