The Most Famous (and Infamous) Casinos in Vegas

Many people flock to Las Vegas in hopes of a famous celebrity sighting. It certainly is true that if you throw a stone into a bush in Las Vegas, you will hit at least ten celebrities. This is true not just because of the plethora of shows that are being held there, but also because celebrities are attracted to Las Vegas’s bright lights, like a moth to flame.

But people are not the only famous aspects of Las Vegas. The casinos and very buildings themselves are of course also famous. Some more than others and some are even well known for their infamy. This fame or infamy is generally because of a casino being used as a venue for shows, movie sets or even the crimes that happened in them. Let yourself be acquainted with most famous and infamous casinos of the beautiful Las Vegas.

Wynn Las Vegas Casino

Most certainly, the most famous casino in Las Vegas is the Wynn Las Vegas Casino, often just referred to as The Wynn. The Wynns fame stretches far beyond it’s elegant 45 floor design. It has been shown in a plethora of movies, including the Kevin Hart movie ‘Mall Cop 2’, which was filmed entirely at The Wynn. Making it the first casino ever to be a set location for an entire movie. That in itself is a huge achievement.

The Wynn has played host to many live shows including the 2009, completely sold out, Beyonce, I am…Tour. The same tour also had a documentary of the tour filmed at the casino, called ‘I am…Yours: An intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas’. But there is more to the fame of this elegant $2.7billion resort, than simply the celebrities that frequent there.

The Wynn has one of the largest casino floors that stretch over 51 800 square meters, filling multiple floors and rooms in the building.  The Nightclub is said to be the best nightclub in the entire Vegas Strip and if that isn’t something that blows your hair back, then you can enjoy the gigantic waterfall, behind the mountain that face the strip and spreads into The Lake of Dreams, for over 1.2 hectare.

Infamy of Bellagio

It is only natural that where there is a lot of money, it is only a matter of time before a criminal will take the chance in getting their hands on that money. In the year 2000, 2 men dressed in body armour jumped the cash desk cage of the Bellagio while a third was their lookout. The three men stole roughly $160 000 worth of cash and chips. They were eventually caught and were sentenced with 15 years jail time. Surely this isn’t enough to be infamous.

Las Vegas keeps a black book of all its most notorious criminals and the last entry was made in 2018. It was also the first entry in over a decade. Jeffery Martin was the man behind the elaborate heist that cheated the casino out of over $1million. The casino that was cheated, The Bellagio of course.