Top Casino Games for Beginners

Walking onto the casino floor for the first time can be overwhelming. The beautiful lights and the music make for a setting that seems like it is straight from the movies. When you have never experienced it, it is hard to decide where you should start and what games you should try to play. This is probably because we feel that we are spoiled for choice and our mind starts to race through all the casino movies we have seen, to decide which game looked the coolest.

As we decide on which game to play our mind then starts to fool us in thinking that we would not be good enough and we are right back at the drawing board. Luckily, if you have the time, most casinos have training rooms where the friendly staff will teach you how to play the games that you choose. But if this is not an option for you, then we have narrowed down some games that any beginner can play at a casino.

The Faithfull One Arm Bandit

Slot machines are most certainly the easiest game to play at any mobile Canadian casino. Choose your machine and place your bet. For first time players it is recommended that you start with a low betting slot machine, just to learn the ropes a little and then you can work your way up. Some slot machines themselves can be overwhelming, so choose one that looks simplistic and doesn’t require a high opening bet.

Once you are more confident in your abilities of playing the slots, then you can upgrade to a flashier machine that offers more betting options and gives higher pay outs. Like with everything, first learn how to play and then take off the training wheels and go for gold.

What the Tables Have to Offer

Roulette is by far one of the most intimidating looking table games at the casino, but in fact is probably the easiest one to play. There are a few rules that will be explained to you by your friendly croupier. You place your bet and then hope for the best as lady luck spins around and around. The ball will land on a number and it might just be lucky number.

It really is as simple as all that. If you feel intimidated by the wheel and would still like to play a table just based on luck, then try out the Baccarat table. The rules of the game are a little bit more involved, but again it will be explained to you at the table. Once you understand the betting system it really is a sit back and enjoy kind of game. Making for a great night out.

Still looking for something a little bit more involved? Blackjack is highly recommended. The rule is simple, make 21 points with the cards that you are being dealt. Closest person to 21 wins the round but be careful that you do not let the fun carry you over 21. That is an immediate failure for the round, and you will have to wait for the cards to be dealt in a new round.

As easy as that, any newcomer to a casino can have fun by playing these few games and you can look like a pro while doing so.